We offer a standard 90-day warranty on repairs. We warrant the repaired circuitry will be free of defects for a period of 90 days from the day it ships from National Instruments. The warranty covers only the repaired parts. If a part other than the repaired part fails, it is not covered under warranty.

It is important to provide a product's identification numbers. QuickSyn products and most integrated microwave assemblies (IMAs) have CCNs. CCN stands for configuration control number and indicates the revision or version of a product. Some component and assembly products may not have a CCN. The product's label will contain model and serial number as well as CCN. Delays and difficulties in processing an RMA may occur if this information is incomplete or incorrect.

Some QuickSyn products have options that may be present in your unit and are listed on the ID label. Please list the options.

A fee will be applied if you choose to expedite the service of your unit. See price list.
Describe problem only if your unit needs repair. Skip if you're just returning your unit for calibration.