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Orders for TO-8 packaged devices will not be accepted beyond Sept. 30th, 2016.

VCO Phase Noise GraphNI’s custom line of narrowband, broadband, and fixed-tuned VCOs employ high-performance silicon bi-polar junction transistors (Si BJTs) to achieve very low phase noise. The use of hyper-abrupt silicon varactor diodes enables tuning capability, and GaAs MMIC buffer amplifiers provide the necessary power output and load isolation of the oscillators. VCOs are available in frequencies up to 67 GHz and in connectorized SMA output type packages or custom-designed housing. Please note that we only accept orders with minimum quantities of 100 pieces.

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Common Fixed-Tuned VCOs

@ 100 kHz OFFSET
FTO-10000 10 +10 -15 -70 -105
FTO-40000 40 +17 -20 -60 -90

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